About Launch Sitecore


Launch Sitecore largely consists of two halves, the articles and the implementation itself. We recommend starting with the articles, first with the basics of Getting Started and Our Strategy, and then extending to the other areas and topics that may be interesting to you and your particular requirements.

Additionally, you can start with a few quick articles based on the type of user you are. These job functions are designed to get you started in the right direction. Each article also has a background articles and further reading list if you need more information around a specific area.


Getting Started

An article section covering the discussions and considerations important for setting the project up for success.


Our Strategy

An article section covering the initial strategy considerations for the Launch Sitecore site.


Building the Site

An article section covering the implementation details around putting the site together.


Optimizing the Experience

An article section covering the ongoing and continual improvement of the site, from personalization to testing to analytics.


Sitecore 8

A grouping of articles that explore the great new Sitecore 8 release.