Optimizing the Experience

Are we having 1 on 1 conversations with our visitors? Have we defined the goals that are most important to our site's success and are we able to help our visitors achieve those goals? What tests can we put in place so that we can best refine our messaging and calls to action? Is our content creation and review strategy in line with the audiences we are trying to attract? A great digital strategy is never complete...it is continually tested, analyzed and refined.

Creating a personalized experience

This article describes setting up a simple personalization rule in the Page Editor user interface for Launch Sitecore.


Tag Content for Each Profile

By assigning content profile values to items that make up your site you are able to gain a better understanding of the behavior, actions, and interests of your website visitors. The values you assign to each page accumulate as a visitor navigates through the site. This allows you to build a profile for an individual site visitor, which can then be used along with other DMS tools such as campaigns, personalization, and engagement plans.


Multivariate Testing

Sitecore DMS allows you to dynamically test the content of your website to find out which components or combination of components are the most effective with site visitors.


Create a Goal

This article will briefly explain Goals in Sitecore and show you how you can assign a Goal to a Page or Page Event.