Our Strategy

Why does our site exist? Who are the main audiences we are trying to serve, and how can we create the best possible experience for each? How do we ensure our content is important, well written, efficiently reviewed and published at the right time (and not before)? Spend the right amount of time on these and many more important strategy questions to ensure you're building your site on a solid and extensible foundation.


What is Content? 

A Content Management System by its name manages content, but it also must handle the presentation of that content. While these are related, it is important to look at them individually.


Basic Presentation Explanation

This article explains the basic presentation layer used in this site. Core concepts of Layouts, Sublayouts and Placeholders will be described in the context of the Launch Sitecore site's "Basic" layout theme.



An introduction to the Sitecore workflow engine. This article walks through the Sample Workflow that ships with Sitecore.


Enable multiple languages

This article explains how to add additional languages to the Sitecore content repository.


Building a large, multi-national, multilingual site

Sitecore makes handling multilingual content easier than ever. There are actually a few approaches for dealing with multilingual sites, depending on the complexity of the use case. We'll look at potential language approaches; from simple translation, all the way up to large, multilingual, multi-regional sites.


Minimizing Downtime During Deployment

The architecture of Sitecore allows you to tackle major deployments with minimal downtime. The separation of authoring and delivery instances allow us to perform these migrations in steps. It is important to remember that publishing content changes in Sitecore is easy and 100% a content manager task. This article covers large code changes to the site not just content changes.


Security - Authentication and Authorization

Security and Authentication is in line with other .NET applications. We offer Active Directory Integration and support the standard Microsoft security providers.