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Binding Content and Presentation

In order to return a response, Sitecore must bind the requested content with the appropriate presentation. This is all handled by Sitecore in the request pipeline.


Accessing Current Visitor Information

The Sitecore Analytics API gives you full access to the information about the current web site visitor.


Create a custom validator

This use case walks through the creation of your own validation routine. Sitecore is able to validate at the field level, the item level (XHTML of the page rendered for an item for instance), and the field type level (making sure all images across the site have ALT tags assigned before publishing).


Basic Presentation Explanation

This article explains the basic presentation layer used in this site. Core concepts of Layouts, Sublayouts and Placeholders will be described in the context of the Launch Sitecore site's "Basic" layout theme.


Create a custom sorting routine for content

Learn how to create a custom sorting routine for child items in the Content Editor.


Creating a List Control

This article will describe how to create a list control that can be used on this site to display a set of articles or other content based on various criteria.


Creating the Site Menu

Sitecore makes building dynamic menus based on your content easy. You can easily query the content repository to determine the items to include. This along with a base data template for the menu fields can help you quickly complete these controls.


What is Content? 

A Content Management System by its name manages content, but it also must handle the presentation of that content. While these are related, it is important to look at them individually.


Information Architecture

A description on why the Launch Sitecore information architecture is the way it is.


What is Presentation?

With a better understanding of content, presentation is much easier to explain. It is simply taking the content and showing in a meaningful way. It doesn't add to the content, but instead simply presents it.


Building a large, multi-national, multilingual site

Sitecore makes handling multilingual content easier than ever. There are actually a few approaches for dealing with multilingual sites, depending on the complexity of the use case. We'll look at potential language approaches; from simple translation, all the way up to large, multilingual, multi-regional sites.


Security - Authentication and Authorization

Security and Authentication is in line with other .NET applications. We offer Active Directory Integration and support the standard Microsoft security providers.



An introduction to the Sitecore workflow engine. This article walks through the Sample Workflow that ships with Sitecore.